Electric pressure washers are an essential need when you have to power clean your living atmosphere. They can efficiently remove stubborn dirt or grime by combining the power of pressurized air and water.  AR manufactures some of the powerful pressure washers in the market. Among the other electric pressure washer models in the market, AR Blue Clean AR390SS greatly differs as it uses brass fittings which are highly durable than plastic fittings. The model delivers a stable power and offers great ease of use. The unit is mainly designed to offer you a professional grade cleaning efficiency being highly user friendly. To operate it you need not have to be a pro as it is user friendly and helps you carry out number of cleaning tasks.

Features and benefits

AR Blue Clean is run by a 1.6HP/14 amp universal motor and uses a tri axial pressure pump that can generate pressure up to 2000 PSI at 1.45 GPM which is sufficient for household use. With AR Blue Clean you can remove any stubborn dirt, grime and mold to reveal a clean look. It is capable of providing a power clean to your decks, fences and siding without the need to scrape, sand or paint. It is safe to use over surfaces such as tiles, marbles, stone, concrete and stucco. You can also effectively clean cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs and RVs. The model scores a 4-star rating in Amazon and enjoys over 500 customer reviews. Most of the customers opine that the model is lightweight, powerful and quiet.

The unit houses a hose reel using which you can pull out the required length and rewind once the job is over. The unit facilitates the cleaning task with four disposable nozzles and a turbo nozzle for power cleaning. The model comes with an inbuilt detergent tank that can hold 48 ounces of detergent which can go for hours without needing to refill. The unit also uses less water than any other cleaner yet gives you more power to clean away the stubborn dirt.

As said earlier, the unit is very easy to operate. You have to just plug in and start the motor to carry out the cleaning task. Some outlets may require an adapter to plug in the unit. The hose is conveniently coiled around the reel which can be pulled to desired length and the operating end is connected to a wand for cleaning. This also ensures that the hose is prevented from having kinks. The power cord can be easily wrapped and stored.

Cleaning: The unit is highly versatile and efficient to clean an array of surfaces. It comes with multiple spray options that can cater to different cleaning tasks from low end, superficial cleaning to intense cleaning of concrete surfaces, decks and other tough to clean surfaces.

Power: The unit can generate up to 2000 PSI and water flow at 1.45 GPM which assures that it is a considerably a high pressure model when compared to other electric pressure washer models in the market. When the high pressure is combined with a higher flow of water it gives out a better cleaning result on a given surface. The cleaning task also completes in no time.

Noise: The unit does not produce much noise when in use. However, the company recommends some hearing protection when you have to work at range very close to the machine.

What does the shipping box include?

  • 30 ft hose of high pressure
  • 35 ft electric cord having automatic reset GFCI module
  • Inbuilt detergent tank that can hold 48 oz.
  • Four distinct quick connect pressure washer nozzles – green nozzle coded with 25 degree,  red nozzle coded with 0 degree, the turbo nozzle, low pressure spray soap nozzle
  • Quickly connectable garden hose adaptor
  • One year “Bumper to Bumper” warranty
  • US based customer service by email or phone

What are the cons of AR Blue Clean AR390SS?

  • Provides an effective cleaning over all types of surfaces
  • Efficiently removes tough stains
  • Works silently than other models
  • Though the company recommends hear protection, the unit is relatively quiet when you work near it
  • Needless to say that it is quiet from a distance too
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to transport as it comes with solid wheels
  • Has a hose reel to store the hose
  • Has an onboard detergent tank to dispense the required liquid
  • Easy to store
  • Nozzle tips are replaceable
  • Assembly is easy with the quick connects

Customer support

Buyers are of opinion that AR provides an excellent and prompt customer support. The response is quick enough and the buyers feel great to work with AR.

Final words

When you are looking for an economical, powerful and a smart electric pressure washer to carry out less intense cleaning tasks, AR Blue Clean AR390SS is an ideal choice.