People have different opinions when it comes to using pressure washers. Some of them feel gas pressure washers are the best buy and some are very much attached to electric pressure washers. However, it all depends upon your requirements, the type of surfaces you want to clean and how often you will be using. Here is a comparison on electric vs gas pressure washer for you to decide the best one.

Electric pressure washers

Electric pressure washers are driven by electric power and have their own pros and cons which you need to analyze. There are some electric power washers in the market that can generate pressure up to 2000 PSI without making noise. Apart from the power delivery, electric pressure washers are fitted with different types of motors to generate pressure. For example, there are induction motors which are cooled by the surrounding water. The water circulates around the motor first and then comes out of the hose for cleaning. Some electric pressure washers are fitted with axial cam pumps while some use heavy duty triplex plunger pumps that are expensive.

Most of the people prefer buying electric pressure washers as they are easy to maintain. As they run by electric power there is no necessity of filling gas or oil after every use. Even there is no necessity of replacing any major parts. Most of the electric pressure washers can generate above 2500 PSI and some high end models can generate up to 4000 PSI which are ideal for heavy use. There are even models that can generate up to 7000 PSI but they are for industrial use and handled by professionals.

When compared to gas pressure models, electric pressure washers are cheaper in price and some people opine that they are cheaper in quality as well. The life of electric pressure washers is short and they have to be disposed once they fail. People need to analyze the amount that they spend on gas and oil and how often they will need to buy the electric pressures washers once they fail. One more downside is the length of the power cord. It is not advisable to use an extension cord if you have to clean the fence that is located far away from the connection point.

When it comes to generation of water flow the gas pressure washers takes the toll. Electric pressure washers can deliver up to 1.5 GPM and it is difficult to find a model that supplies more than that. For manufacturing electric power pressure washers that deliver a high GPM the cost of materials goes higher which would eventually increase the cost of the equipment. Gas pressure washers have the higher delivering capability of up to 2.5 GPM and there are even some units which deliver the same amount of water flow. Besides, they also house powerful engines, high performance pumps, brass connectors that can handle enormous flow instead of plastic hoses.

Electric pressure washers do not make any emissions so they are safe for indoor use. However, since the delivering capability of electric pressure washers is lower than the gas pressure washers they can be used for smaller jobs like cleaning grills or garages. They are cheaper than gas versions and work quietly.

Gas pressure washers

The best part of the gas pressure washers is they are transportable and can be carried anywhere you go. They have a heavy built but are portable as they are provided with wheels at the bottom. Gas pressure washers require regular maintenance for them to sustain for many years. However, they are most powerful than the electric pressure washers when it comes to cleaning ability. There are gas pressure washers that can generate up to 4000 PSI but still owned by home owners.

Gas pressure washers are durable than electric pressure washers as they are fitted with heavy duty pumps and brass parts that last long. So the replacements are less likely. When you have to power up the gas pressure washers you will have to start the pump manually whereas the electric pressure washers start instantly.

As the gas pressure washers are not tethered with an electrical cord you can use them for cleaning your shed of fence located away from your home. However, it will attract some engine maintenance like oiling or monitoring the gas level. When compared to electric pressure washers, gas pressure washers make loud noise and are also heavier in built. They can be used for heavy cleaning like eliminating the peeling paint or dirt from any kind of surface. They are costlier than electric pressure washers due to heavy duty parts and performance.

Final verdict

According to your requirements, both pressure washer types make a great choice. If you consider cost and pollution, electric pressure washers are cheaper and ideal to use indoor as they do not emit smoke. You can perform small jobs as they deliver low power. The gas pressure washers are costlier, heavier and powerful and allow you to carry out tough cleaning jobs with ease. They are also easily portable which facilitates you to clean fence and sheds located farther away.

Therefore, if you want to clean smaller areas, windows and passages outside your house then electric pressures washers can serve the purpose. If you are looking for more power and transportability or planning to provide professional cleaning services then the gas pressure washers stand out as the single choice. When you think of budget, low maintenance and compact design electric pressure washers are the perfect choice.

Before you decide your choice of pressure washer, list out the requirements, compare the performances and finally go for the most suitable pressure washer. If you are planning to have one only for indoor cleaning, electric pressure washers are the best as they offer more safety. If you have greater plans of cleaning on a regular basis covering many areas outside your home and do not mind shelling out some extra money, gas pressure washers are highly recommended. Once you decide the type of pressure washer, read some online review to find the best brand and model as per customer ratings and reviews.