Generac was established in the year 1959 and they are leading in the assembly of pressure washers and supply. Generac 6598 is a gas powered pressure washer machine available in the market which is ideal for residential use. The unit is driven by Generac 212cc OHV engine capable of producing 3100 PSI at 2.7 GPM. This is highly suitable for heavy duty cleaning projects that are carried out frequently over pavements, decks, siding and sidewalks.

The unit is equipped with high performance AR Axial cam pump which has a brass head that comes for a longer life than aluminum pumps. The hoses can be conveniently connected to the pump without the effort of kneeling down because the pump is well above the ground and at the same level of engine. Both engine and pump provides a perfect balance when in use and the large tires that never go flat move on different types of terrain.  The unit features a high performance spray gun that is capable of withstanding 3100 psi and also has inbuilt holder to hold the spray gun. This secures the spray gun while the unit is in transit.

The unit comes with five quick click nozzle tips of varying degree (0, 15, 25 and 40 degree) that can blast away any kind of dirt settled over your surfaces. You can effectively vary the spray patterns using these pressure nozzles with varying tips. When compared to Generac 6595 and 6596, the hose of 6598 is longer measuring about 30 foot and is made of PVC. The M22 connectors can be easily threaded to the unit. The hoses are connected to the rear end of the unit which is farther from the engine. Therefore they are less likely to absorb heat from the engine when in use. The onboard detergent tank can accommodate about 2.8 liters of detergent that comes for a long time. Generac 6598 weighs 74 lbs in total with sturdy welded steel frame construction. The unit on the whole measures 23.3″ x 16″ x 40” and the 10″ wheels offers easy transport. A foot rest is provided at the front bottom which offers greater stability when initiating the unit. The model is also affordable and when you find it suitable for your needs there is no necessity of spending more time on shopping around.

Pros and Cons

This residential pressure washer that is fueled by gas has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 in Amazon. Earlier the rating was slightly low because users found it difficult to unpack the machine from the box. There were also a few reviews given about the oil opening. Moreover, the unit does not feature a low oil switch off.

Besides a few complaints, most of the buyers are very satisfied with the performance of the unit and their purchase. More reviews were on performance of the unit. Most of the buyers have opined that it has been very helpful and powerful in cleaning driveways, eliminating paint from concrete and many more tasks. There is also feedback for 6598 which says that the machine can be cranked easily within two pulls. Most of the users find the assembly and application to be easy. The unit is provided with a handle at the top for easy transport. Though the handle is not foldable it can be easily detached from the unit with the help of two push buttons for convenient transportation. The hose connections on the side are also easy to access.

Final words

Among the series of residential gas pressure washers Generac 6598 is a very popular mode. If you are on a look out for a residential gas pressure washer that can perform according to your needs and expectations then Generac 6598 is the right choice for you. Though there are mixed reviews most of the buyers are satisfied with the performance of the machine.