Generac 6923 3100 PSI is powered by horizontal shaft engine and fitted with an easy to access axial cam pump. This gas powered pressure washer is ideal to clean your patios, siding and everything that you would like to clean indoor and outdoor. The handle is cushioned offering more comfort during the cleaning process. The trigger provided at the spray gun is easy to pull with exerting minimal effort that does not let you feel fatigued. The maneuverability of the machine over any kind of terrain is very easy due to the 10 inches large tires fixed at the bottom. There are four quick connect nozzles provided with varying tips coded as 0, 25, 40 degree and a soap applicator for handling different types of cleaning projects.

Reliability and cleaning power

Generac residential gas pressure washer gives you reliability and maximum cleaning power. Above all, it provides you ease of use at an affordable price letting you clean and reveal fresh look to the surfaces. The ergonomic design makes it very easy to set up, connect hoses, roll over any type of terrain effortlessly and clean for a longer time with more comfort. You can use the power of this gas pressure washer for any type of heavy duty residential cleaning projects like cleaning concrete and prepping the exterior walls for painting. The five varying nozzles connect quickly without idling between the cleaning tasks. The unit is equipped with a 25 foot high pressure hose that connects to the rear of the spray gun and helps you clean even the hard to reach areas without much effort.

To provide you with maximum cleaning capacity, this gas pressure washer is fueled by a dynamic Generac OHV horizontal shaft engine. Since the pump is located well above the ground and at the same level of the horizontal shaft engine, the connection of hose becomes a much easier task. When it comes to vertical shaft engines, the hose connections are provided at the bottom which is harder to reach. There is an onboard detergent tank than can hold about ½ inch gallon of detergent. Detergent option is used when you find the stains to be very stubborn and hard to remove. Once the detergent is filled up in the tank, your gas pressure washer is all set to move around to carry out the desired maintenance.

Maneuverability and Performance

When it comes to maneuverability, the engine and pump are well balanced over the axle to aid the same. The ten inches pneumatic tires help you move over any kind of terrain offering great stability. It has a very user friendly design featuring all controls in one place like on/off switch, choke and fuel shutoff. This model is well suited for most home and yard cleaning projects. It is one of the best choices when you are looking for a household pressure washer.

The model was subjected to test program and rated on different criteria as below:

Cleaning: The unit is versatile and efficient in cleaning all types of surfaces effortlessly. The unit is provided with different nozzles of different spraying patterns that can handle various cleaning tasks from light, superficial cleaning to intense cleaning of hard surfaces, decking, patios, driveways and other hard to reach areas.

Power: The unit produces 3100 PSI at 2.4 GPM which can blast away any kind of stubborn dirt or grime that has been settled over for long time. High pressure brings about better cleaning of a surface by limiting the water flow at the same time. This combination gets the job done quickly.

Noise: Gas pressure washer models generally produce noise as they are driven by powerful engines. The noise produced by this machine is average when the person is standing close by the machine and at the end of hose’s reach. However, the company recommends wearing some hearing protection when working close by any pressure washer that is fueled by gas.