Generac Speedwash 7122 is pressure washer that is fueled by gas will provide you with both power and reliability that you would anticipate from a pro model. The unit delivers a high pressure power to tackle any kind of cleaning jobs at home with precision. Once you experience the precision of Generach Speedwash 7122 you would not prefer any other model to carry out the job. When you are expecting a new power tool at your home you always feel excited when it arrives at your doorstep. However, it is short lived when you come across a tiresome assembly and connections procedures. Generac 7122 never puts you into such a tiresome procedure. The setup is easy as you just need to pull out the machine from the box, slide and position the handle, connect the hose, spray gun and hose hook; the unit is ready to roll over your large surfaces on its 10″ wheels. Before starting the machine do not forget to fill gas and oil.

Generac 7122 weighs over 60 pounds still there are reviews that people do not find hard to wheel it around. However, when you have a long 30′ flexible hose made of polyurethane you need not have move very often. The unit exerts a lower center of gravity and therefore you can put it at rest without the worry of it tipping over. The gasoline powered machines need regular maintenance and it is necessary that you keep it running. The gas pressure washer starts with just a pull and hardly takes more than a pull. You can refer the procedure on the label if you want to learn the order.

Generac 7122 pressure washer delivers 3200 PSI which is something relatively high that you need to consider. Moreover, with the help of power dial gun and appropriate spray tip any kind of cleaning project can be handled with care. The spray gun features a trigger that is inverted making it convenient to press and hold than a usual sprayer. The interval valve does not require high squeezing pressure to open and it quickly closes when freed without showing up any leakage. The gun features four settings: light duty cleaning that is perfect for your car, medium duty cleaning that is ideal for sidings and decks and the highest setting is used for hard surfaces such as concrete or stone. When you couple the settings with the varying spray tips and tools you will be able to have a complete range of cleaning choices.

The fourth setting is used for application of soap. Upon choosing this setting the siphon tube gets activated and draws detergent from the ½ gallon tank. When this setting is used for soap blaster tip you will see the detergent flowing consistently making your cleaning task more effective. Just start with spraying on the soap and get the required cleaning tip and finally choose the setting for the task. To say it shortly, you will first apply a layer of foam and then scrub using the water pressure. This is because you will not be able to send high pressure and soap at the same time. Users have given their reviews that even after applying good amount of soap lather the detergent tank seems to be full.

Like with any other pressure washers, you will have to be very careful in handling Generac SpeedWash 7122 especially when using 0 degree nozzle. If you find the cleaning job satisfactory with other nozzle tips 0 degree need not be chosen because if you come in contact with the high pressure accidentally your flesh will be pierced. Even some professional reviews on pressure washers say that you can discard the application of 0 degree nozzle if you find the machine well equipped to clean any task.

Features in short

  • Cleans faster
  • Spray gun fitted with power dial for varying the pressure between tasks
  • Nozzles: Turbo nozzle, soap blaster tip
  • Driven by 196 CC OHV engine that delivers maximum performance
  • 30′ high pressure hose and four quick connect nozzle tips of 0, 24, 40 degree and soap