Greenworks have introduced various pressure washers into the market that are very popular among the users. They come in varying capabilities according to the amount of pressure they can deliver that determine the performance. When the psi is high the ability to clean various surfaces that are difficult to clean also increases.  Pressure washers with lower psi range that do not supply much pressure are sufficient to clean areas like driveways, patios, cars and stairs. When you have to remove greasy dirt or grime you require a high pressure washer. This is where the role of gas or electric high pressure washers comes into play.  Greenworks 1500 psi is one such pressure washer that is driven by electrical energy is perfect for medium duty cleaning tasks like cleaning windows, cars and patios. Greenworks have electric pressure washers that can deliver up to 1950 psi. All of these models have good star ratings and customer reviews in Amazon. Greenworks 1500 psi has scored about 4 stars out of 5 and over 400 customer reviews to vouch for the efficiency and performance of the unit.

Greenworks 1500 psi can deliver water flow at 1.1 GPM to blast through the dirt or grime to reveal the surface. The most convenient aspect of this electrical pressure washer is that it can be used both in upright as well as flat position to clean your surfaces. It is driven by 13 amp motor that is resistant to water and therefore comes for a long life. The unit comes with 25 and 40 degree quick connect nozzle to use them for variety of cleaning applications. The unit is equipped with 20 foot high pressure hose to reach areas that are farther from the prime location. A soap applicator is provided to apply soap over tough to clean areas. A detergent bottle provided along with the unit which can be connected to the gun handle for applying detergent at low pressure. The 35 foot power chord gives an extra reach and insulated with GFCI that can be used on all outlets provided on exterior of the house. Greenworks pressure washers are generally backed by one year warranty.

When it comes to cost, Greenworks 1500 psi is one of the cheapest electric gas pressure models you can get in the market. It offers easy maneuverability for aged people as it can be conveniently carried like a briefcase to the cleaning areas.

Pros of Greenworks 1500 psi

  • The onboard detergent tank helps in easy application of detergent.
  • Nozzle adjustments are easy to be done to meet the different washing requirements. Dirt or grime has to be cut through to eliminate and therefore a fine nozzle is required and for car cleaning you can do with a wide nozzle.
  • It has a compact design and lightweight which makes it portable and carrying it around is simple as it weight about 12 lbs.
  • It works silently without disturbing your neighborhoods.
  • The unit is easy to setup and start.
  • The unit is compact and can easily be stored in a shelf or under a bench.
  • The pressure hose and the power chord help in farther reach.
  • Aged people find it convenient to handle this unit.

Cons of Greenworks 1500 psi

  • Some users have reported that they see a minimal leakage around the washer that connects to the garden hose.
  • There is no onboard detergent tank.
  • The accessories have to be stored separately as there is no onboard storage.

Final words

Greenworks 1500 psi pressure washer makes your light and medium duty cleaning tasks very simple. The varying nozzle tips makes the different cleaning tasks extremely easy and the unit lets you move from one place to another with greater comfort. The only hitch it might show up is some leakage near the washer that connects to the hose.