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How To Choose The Right Pressure Washer

When buying pressure washers you will have to look into certain aspects that would satisfy all the cleaning needs. The pressure that is generated by the pressure washer is measured by PSI (pounds per square inch) and you can choose from lower to higher PSI value based on the cleaning requirements. For example, when you have to clean the floors and driveways, the pressure required is less as you will be eliminating the dust covered over them. When you have to clean places like garage you need higher pressure to remove the oil stains from the floor.  On the other hand, you will also have to see how much water your pressure washer will release to clean the surface and it is measure by gallons per minute (GPM).

How to decide the pressure?

As said above, it depends on your cleaning needs and the kind of surfaces that you want to clean. Considering that you would need about 2000 PSI, you can purchase a pressure washer from 1600 PSI to 2000 PSI so that you can save amount on buying the right pressure washer. Going for 4000 PSI is unnecessary as it will cost you more and your usage will be less. Also, it will be helpful if you know the amount of pressure required for cleaning different types of surfaces well in advance. Here is a short table to make a decision.

The required PSI 1600 PSI 2500 PSI 3000 PSI 4000 PSI
Barbeque Grills YES YES YES YES
Scooters/Bikes YES YES YES YES
Wooden fence NO YES YES YES
Boats and ATVs NO NO YES YES
Driveways NO NO YES YES
Industrial devices NO NO NO YES
Paint peels NO NO NO YES

How to decide the water flow?

Water pressure is essential as it penetrates through tough stains and eliminates them. A high water volume is very much required when you want to remove the settled dirt and reveal a fresh look to the surface. When a good amount of water flushes out of the nozzle per minute, it definitely increases the speed of cleaning process. This implies the more the GPM the quicker will be the cleaning process. Higher gallons of water are required to wash away the stubborn dirt and this you can do even through pouring buckets of water. When you combine it with high pressure, the cleaning will be more effective. This is what pressure washers exactly do to clean your soiled surfaces. Therefore, when buying pressure washers do not forget to look into GPM as it has an equally important role as that of PSI.

Any risks involved in using pressure washers?

Pressure washers are not like the standard garden hose you use for watering plants and the lawn. They send out water with high pressure which has the capability to even cut irrespective of the spray tip you use. When using pressure washers you have to take good amount of caution. If you have to change the nozzles, it is always recommended to switch off the power and wait for a minutes before you fix another one. When you come in contact with a mislaid spurt of water accidently you might land in the emergency room. Therefore, look for adjustable nozzles than replaceable ones.

Gas/electric pressure washers

This has to be the first question that you should ask yourself. Gas pressure washers are expensive and attract regular maintenance. They offer the convenience of carrying it anywhere and operate without any cord. However, they produce loud noise when you are nearer and farther to the unit. They can quickly cover larger areas and perfect for industrial use. When you are looking for pressure washers for residential use, you can go for electric pressure washers. Electric pressure washers are less expensive, maintenance free and best for home. They are relatively quiet when compared to gas models and safe to use indoor as they do not create emissions. Starting and switching off the electric pressure washers are very convenient as they are done instantly. This is not the case with gas pressure washers. They need be winterized when you have to take them indoors and their compact designs do not take storage space.

The above facts will help you decide the best pressure washers for the residential use or professional use.