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Best 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers are a great addition to your housekeeping tools. Investing on electric pressure washers that can blast dirt at a high pressure is a good decision when you live in a surrounding that attracts lots of dust, smoke and dirt. Here are a few top electric pressure washers that can generate pressure up to 2000 PSI to eliminate the stubborn dirt and grime from your living space.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Clean has earned good reviews for its compact design and performance. You can use it to do a quick cleaning of your patios, driveways, decks, outdoor furniture, automobiles, ATVs and RVs and more. It is driven a universal motor with capacity of 120V 60Hz and is highly rated as per consumer reports of 2016. The attachments that come with the unit include pressure washer gun of professional design, pressure washer want, pressure hose measuring 30 ft, detergent tank of capacity 48 oz. and four different sizes of quick connect pressure nozzles. The unit is environment friendly as it helps you use less water and supplies you more power than a regular garden hose. It has a reel system to secure the hose. Being an electrical pressure washer it works silently without producing much noise. The unit is easy to assemble as you will have to just pull it out of the box and join the pressure hose to the gun and the water inlet to the garden hose. Once you plug in the GFCI just pull the trigger to start off the cleaning work.

Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer 2000 PSI TruPressure

Karcher K2000 electric pressure washer is packed with innovative features that will give you an awesome cleaning experience. The model can generate water flow at 1.3 GPM to blast away the stubborn dirt. It features a compact design with folding handle and therefore takes a very less storage space. The unit comes with four quick connect nozzles of varying tips and offers maximum cleaning ability. The unit is fitted with a big removable bin which can be used to store the accessories and personal belongings. The unit is provided with a three year limited warranty using which you can quickly exchange against any damage. The unit can be assembled within five minutes without using any tools. For enhanced cleaning, the machine is fitted with dual detergent tanks with a switch to select the desired tank. The unit is compatible with regular pressure washer accessories available in the market if you want to buy them. The unit has a hose reel to keep your hose intact. The industrial grade motor can withstand regular residential use.

Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer, 2000 PSI

Karcher can generate pressure up to 2000 PSI and water flow at 1.4 GPM and is perfect model for people preferring high standard home cleaning. The pressure it generates is forty times that of the pressure a normal garden hose would give and therefore ideal for carrying out toughest cleaning jobs around your house. The attachments include an onboard hose reel, spray wand that can blast dirt at a high pressure and a detergent tank. It uses a power motor that is cooled by the surrounding water which is later blasted through the spray wand. This water cooling technology is patented and extends the life of the motor up to 5X. It also does not produce much noise and lowers the power consumption. The unit includes two spray wands to blast the tough stains. If you need to increase the effective pressure use the DirtBlaster wand. For minimal cleaning you can connect the Vario power spray want that enables adjusting pressure. When pressure is low, the detergent automatically dispense as required. The pump is non corrosive, durable and does not attract any maintenance. The onboard hose reel ensures that hose is safe from kinks and the winding or unwinding is hassle free. It also has an onboard detergent tank for soap cleaning and it includes a modifiable detergent dial that allows you to regulate the amount of detergent you want to use for cleaning. The unit is fitted with 7.7 inches dynamic wheels and a lengthy durable handle. The unit is covered by a two year warranty and is backed by the rapid exchange program. This ensures that if there are any repair works to be carried over within the warranty period, the company will quickly offers free replacement instead attending to the repairs.

Powerhouse International – The Force 2000 – 1.6 GPM 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer with Spinning Patio Cleaner

This cold water electric pressure washer will envy your neighbors by working silently and offering more power. The unit features TSS (Total Stop System) trigger gun which automatically switches off the brush motor when the trigger is released. This ensures that the life of the motor extends. The extra accessories include an adjustable nozzle that can narrow to a pencil point from a broad fan, a spinning patio cleaner, a high speed spinning nozzle that can eliminate dirt and debris from all types of surfaces. The unit has a foldable handle for easy storage and an onboard hose reel to prevent the reel from getting bends. It also comes with an attachable foam dispenser that dispenses the required amount of soap with a quick twist. The company is more reliant on external soap dispenser than the internal one as it may clog your pressure washer on repeated use. The motor will not run until you trigger the gun which is convenient if you have to stop for a while and have a talk with someone nearby. The cord is about 30 ft long to go around your house and the plug has a GFCI insulation for your safety. The motor is secured with an auto overheat sensor which detects the high temperature and shuts down the motor until a safe temperature is sensed. You may have to restart the pressure washer. This feature prolongs the life of the motor.