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AR Blue Clean AR383 1900 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews

AR blue clean AR383 features a sleek design and is lightweight to move around anywhere you want. The model comes with lots of attachments like spray gun, jet nozzle, lance, hose, and soap dispenser to tackle almost all kinds of cleaning jobs around your home. The model is fitted with wheels at the bottom for easy transport and a reel mechanism to keep the hose intact. The model features a “Total Stop System” shortly called TSS which automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not in use. The Total Stop System is located at the pump head for easy access. A detachable foamer and a detergent bottle accompany the model. The model is driven by 1.5 HP/13 amp universal motor and can generate pressure at the rate of 1900 PSI and the water flow at 1.5 GPM to clean any kind of surface you are targeting.

Convenience: The unit is very convenient to use and handy to operate anywhere in your living space. The unit gives you a continuous workout from the moment it is powered and still stays well within your control. The model being lightweight is easy to move it around and the assembly is also done within a few minutes. A reel system is provided at the top of the unit to secure the hose and interchanging the connections are quite easy. However, the tough plastic material of the hose makes it hard to reel back as it recoils. What you can do is just wrap the hose around the handle and remove it from the connecting port. When you have to wheel the unit around an uneven ground the stability is less experienced.

Noise: The model is driven by 1.5HP/13 amp motor giving an impressive performance but without creating much noise. To add more, it works perfectly in silence even when using the high pressure spray nozzle. It is very convenient for indoor use and operates very silently even when you work in the midnight when everybody is fast asleep at home.

Performance: This is being an electric pressure washer the power is ideal for doing smaller cleaning tasks. However, the unit can generate pressure up to 1900 PSI at 1.5 GPM which is considerably a high force. This is a good amount of pressure packed into a sleek design and perfect for any tough home cleaning jobs. The pump is also designed well to add to the performance and the sturdy built makes it the most sought out model among the other electric pressure washers.

Application: Being a highly powerful unit with 1900 PSI and 1.5 GPM, AR Blue can effectively carry out any kind of cleaning tasks within and around the house. It can clean your inner walls and outer walls, the front yard, patio, lawn, windows and also 2-storeys conveniently. The unit can also clean your roof tops and sidings as it delivers a good amount of pressure. Though the length of the hose might bother you the amount of pressure can make it negligible.

Durability: When compared to other electric pressure washers AR Blue Clean AR383 has an extended life. The unit seems to have been built using high quality materials. However, after repeated use you might notice the hose adapter giving leaks as it is made of plastic. You can consider replacing it with good quality metal adapter. The model hardly uses any metal connectors or ports and fully made of plastic. The manufacturers can ensure that at least the adapters and connectors are made of metal.

Customer support: AR Blue Clean has a good customer report system that answers to your queries promptly. If you require a service or replacement of components, the customer support team takes the requests and processes them to fulfill the requirements. The model includes one year “Bumper to Bumper” warranty that is handled by US based customer service system. For any damage replacement you can contact the customer support either via phone or email.

Your shipping box includes:

  • 20 ft hose of high pressure supply
  • 35 ft electric cord with automatic reset GFCI module
  • Washer spray gun that can deliver high pressure
  • Adaptable spray lance
  • Turbo spray lance
  • 14 oz soap bottle for quick use
  • Quickly connectable garden hose adaptor
  • 1 year “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty with US based customer service either throug phone or email

General features and specifications:

  • 1900 PSI/1.5 GPM
  • 1.5HP/13 amp motor
  • Triplex 3 Axial piston based pump structure
  • 30 ft electric cord and 20 ft hose
  • Hose reel to secure the hose well within the unit

Final words

On the whole, AR Blue Clean is an excellent choice for your house cleaning needs. Though it may not be the best model in the market but considering the performance and durability it is worth investing on it.