The Powerstroke Subaru 3100 PSI is the perfect pressure washer for various applications right from washing your vehicles to cleaning the sidewalks. The pressure washer can clean any kind of surfaces that have accumulated stubborn dirt by delivering pressure at 3100 PSI and water flow at 2.5 GPM. The model comes with an onboard detergent tank and sturdy wheels fitted at the back for easy transportation. There are multiple settings to choose from when you have cleaning tasks of various intensities. For turbo cleaning you can opt for 15 degree and choose low pressure nozzles for less intense cleaning jobs.

Is it suitable for home application?

Powerstroke Subaru 3100 PSI is a heavy duty gas pressure washer which is ideal for people who want have an industrial grade pressure washer at home. The unit is driven by an industrial grade engine that is chain driven with capacity 189 cc. The unit is shipped with 5 quick connect nozzles that enable you handle multiple settings like 15 degree, a turbo nozzle and a soap nozzle capable of delivering low pressure for easy cleaning. The unit is covered by limited warranty which assures you of covering any repairs or defects during the warranty period. The unit is compact and easily portable. It is a perfect choice when you have to clean your outdoor areas on a frequent basis which requires a lot of manual effort when you have to do without a pressure washer.

Special features of Powerstroke Subaru 3100 PSI

Electric push button start: It is rare to see pressure washers that come with instant push button for starting the engine. Pulling cord to start the engine is something that most of the people find difficult especially women and elders. However, the unit is also equipped with a pull cord to use in case the battery is weak or dead and the electric push button start is not functioning. This feature of having an instant electric push button start is something unique that you will not find in other pressure washers that are powered by gas.

Engine: Powerstroke Subaru 3100 PSI is driven by EA190 vertical shaft engine which has its head driven by a chain mechanism.  The engine includes long lasting industrial grade features such as high duty piston rings, rocker arms made of steel and a cylinder liner made of cast iron. All these extend the durability of the engine.

Built in battery: Powerstroke Subaru 3100 PSI gasc pressure washer is equipped with an inbuilt battery that helps in starting the unit. You will have to plug in the battery and charge it when not in use. Whenever you are set to clean your areas you can start the engine using the push button option. The engine draws power from the battery when triggered.

Accessories: The unit comes with professionally designed four nozzles that are helpful for various cleaning applications. The users can easily change the nozzles during the cleaning process and execute the project effortlessly. The blue color nozzle is used for soap application which is ideal for gentle cleaning. The unit has an onboard detergent tank which will provide you with the diluted mixture for application. The while color nozzle helps you clean at a 40 degree angle, green offers 25 degree and the red nozzle offers zero degree nozzle. It is recommended that you use the zero degree nozzle only if it is highly necessary as it is risky to use if not handled with care. It has the capability of cutting which might land you up in emergency room. The unit has an onboard storage to store accessories and the 25 foot high pressure hose. It also comes with a bottle filled with oil which you need to use it at the beginning.

Overall Review

When you consider the Costco’s lifetime warranty, buying this gas pressure washer is worth the money. Most of the pressure washers come with 1 to 2 years warranty but Costco offers warranty with no questions asked. This is almost like a lifetime warranty. Upon using coupons the cost of the unit also comes down saving a sizeable amount for you. However, the cost is acceptable for the great warranty you get.

Secondly, initiating the engine of Powerstroke Subaru 3100 PSI is super convenient as it offers a push button for an instant start. However, you will have to play with the choke frequently but that is a natural process with any electrically driven units at home. Setting up of Powerstroke Subaru is an easy task. You will have to unbox the unit, fix the arm to the frame, connect the hoses and dump the bottle of oil and finally fill in the gas. The pressure washer is perfect for cleaning your concrete driveways, prepping the exterior walls for painting, garage cleaning, furniture, decks, cars and many other surfaces that have accumulated stubborn dirt or grime over the years. When you use surface cleaners that job is done at a greater speed.

However, there are user reviews which say that the hose has the tendency to get tangled easily and rewind. The unit is also enjoying good star ratings and positive reviews in giant online shopping sites like Amazon. When you consider the lifetime warranty provided by Costco it is worth buying. Amazon recommends contacting the manufacturer for warranty details.