Simpson has been in the market for over 16 years providing commercial grade pressure washers. They specialize in manufacturing gas pressure washers that deliver heavy duty cleaning power. Their MegaShot powered gas pressure models are the most affordable ones in the market and offers power, pro-design and reliability. It is the best pressure washers of the most available in the market because people do not require any commercial grade pump or engine for a residential use. Simpson has two trending models that produce pressure at 3000 PSI.

Simpson MSV3025-S Megashot 3000 PSI Honda GCV190 Premium Gas Powered Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

This is a perfect DIY model which offers you maximum power with minimal investment. The model is run by Honda GCV190 OHC engine designed for residential use. It comes with the engine oil. The model does not attract a great maintenance and is equipped with axial cam pump that is designed using PowerBoost technology which delivers higher pressure at the nozzle. The construction of the model is made using welded frame and fitted with pneumatic tires measuring 10 inches. The MorFlex provided with the unit does not bend or mar and is resistant to abrasion.  Measuring about ¼ inch by 25 foot the hose offers a great flexibility and fitted with conveniently twistable connectors. Accidents are possible when you work with pressure washers and keeping this in mind the spray gun is designed ergonomically with safety lock-out feature. The unit features an onboard storage facility to store all the accessories such as high pressure hose, spray gun and nozzles. Simpson models are generally equipped with downstream detergent injection system where the detergent is injected into the stream after the water flows. The steel has a spray wand that can accommodate four quick connect nozzles of varying tips of 0, 15, 40 degree and a soap applicator nozzle. The Honda GC engine is covered by two years, frame and built is covered by one year warranty and the spray accessories are covered by 90 days.

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S 3000 PSI at 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

This is another powerful pressure washer model from SIMPSON available to you helping you blast away the stubborn dirt and grime. It can effectively blast away the stubborn mildew or stripping pain from the walls outside. When it comes to safety, this model pioneers having a welded steel frame built with a strong base for your pressure washer. Like other Simpson pressure washer models the spray gun trigger is fitted with safety lockout feature to protect you from any accidental contact. The engine is protected with thermal relief system which will prevent the threat of overheating. The axial cam pump is efficient to deliver 2.4 GPM which helps in removing the stubborn stains or stuffs from the walls, wooden decking and tiles. The machine is very easy to maintain and engineered with precision to deliver maximum cleaning performance. The unit is easy to operate and you need not be a pro to initiate your cleaning project with SIMPSON pressure washer. The quick starter guide provides you with all the necessary information to start the pressure washer. Just turn on the water and start the engine soon after the assembly. The spray gun is very easy to operate and it is almost similar to pulling the trigger. The hose is resistant to kinks, marring and abrasion and delivers high pressure. As you are provided with five different nozzle tips you can select the required spray pattern or pressure for each job. The onboard storage can be used to store the accessories. The engine is covered by two year limited user warranty, pump has one year limited warranty and the frame is covered by five year limited warranty.

Both these models produce 3000 PSI at 2.4 GPM and are durable, reliable and provide the maximum pressure you require for the residential use.