Simpson 3100 PSI pressure washers are one of the most acclaimed models in the current market. This is the perfect pressure washer if you are looking for a DIY model that can offer maximum power with minimal investment. The unit is easy to use and efficiently cleans patios, decks, sidings, outdoor furniture and prepping the exterior walls for painting. The machine is designed for heavy residential use and an excellent DIY model if you are aspiring to own one.

Honda GCV190 engine

The best part of this pressure washer is onboard engine which is convenient to handle and makes the overall 3100 PSI pressure washer to be lighter in weight. The machine operates silently while performing and therefore you can clean without the fear that your neighbors might get disturbed. If you are looking for a best combination of power and control, then this pressure washer will provide you what you expect.

The pump

Simpson 3100 pressure washer is equipped with an OEM high end axial cam pump that features the PowerBoost technology. This unique technology boosts the performance of the unit and at the same time lowers the noise production, vibration and thermic effect thus extending the life of pump and the engine. The pump is capable of supplying high pressure via the nozzle that offers best cleaning performance. On the other hand, it gives out a low noise and vibration when compared to other brands in the market that are in the same price range.

Features and specifications

  • The pressure washer has the capacity to produce 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM to blast away any kind of dirt, grime and also mildew from hard to remove surfaces.
  • The model features a flexible lightweight high pressure hose that measures ΒΌ” inch by 25 foot to help you reach farther areas. MorFlex hoses are resistant to kinks, marring and abrasion which ensures that the hose is capable of withstanding repeated heavy duty use. The M22 connectors offer a safe and secure fit.
  • The model provides you with five different nozzles with varying tips measure 0, 15, 25 and 40 degree. You can select the right nozzle according to your different cleaning needs. The unit supplies the required pressure through these nozzles to carry out various cleaning projects.
  • When using pressure washers you will have to take utmost care. The pressure washers have the higher cutting ability and therefore if you accidently come in contact with the high pressure you may land up in emergency room. This is the reason this high end pressure washer unit features a spray gun fitted with a safety lock out system. Overall the pressure washer is made out of heavy gauge metal frame and welded steel. The unit is fitted with 10 inches pneumatic tires for easy transport over any kind of terrains.
  • The Honda GC190 engine supplies the maximum power to the pressure washers to eliminate any kind of stubborn dirt to reveal the fresh look of your surfaces. The engine uses an advanced technology in built and features. It also complies with EPA and CARB emission standards. The chamber has a compact design which reduces the fuel consumption considerably. Overall the engine is trustworthy and highly efficient.
  • The unit is ideal for types of floors such as wooden, marble, tiled and on other surfaces like fences, windows, furniture, patio, decks, prepping the exterior walls for painting and many other uses you will come across. The design of the machine is very compact and can be easily wheeled from one place to another by one person.
  • The engine is covered by two year limited warranty, pump is covered by 1 year limited warranty and the frame is covered by 5 year limited warranty.
  • The unit includes siphon tube to apply the detergent without any hassle of getting stuck on the way.