Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washers provide 3200 PSI and 2.8 GPM of water flow which are the basic requirements for professional cleaning services. This range of pressure washer is ideal for you if you find that the consumer grade washer does not have the power to your level of expectancy or handle heavy use. Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washers are highly used by farmers, ranchers, contractors and avid DIYers.

General features of Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washers

Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washers are very popular in Amazon enjoying over 497 customer reviews and have an average star rating of 4.1 out of 5. It holds the 19th rank among the popular pressure washers traded in the market. If you are on lookout for a powerful pressure washer that does not exceed your budget that will fulfill all your demanding cleaning needs then Simpson 3200 PSI pressure washers are a perfect choice. This user friendly pressure washer powered by Honda comes under the commercial series gas pressure washer models that can generate 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM. It can easily eliminate the dirt, grime and also mildew from any hard to remove surfaces. You can simply forget all those easily destroyable water hoses as this include a flexible, lightweight MorFlex high pressure hose measuring 5/16″ by 25′. The specialty of MorFlex hoses are they are resistant to kinks and abrasion which implies that it can handle heavy duty application. The unit features M22 connectors which ensure safe connections.

How does the engine perform?

The best feature of this gas pressure washer is its powerful engine. The unit is driven by a Honda GX 200 OHV commercial series engine. It is a four stroke engine with capacity of 19cc that runs on powerful octane gasoline. The engine can generate 6 HP at 3500 RPM which is sufficient for intense power washing. Honda engines are acclaimed engines available in the market and they are well known for their fuel efficiency, reliability and ease of use. They are always the choice of professionals involved in pressure washers cleaning services and use units driven by four stroke engines. The engine is equipped with low oil indicator which will switch off the engine when the oil level goes down. When you keep checking the oil level regularly the low oil indicator has no job. Unless there is a calamitous failure of any part that causes oil to leak hugely, the low oil indicator is not triggered.

The engine is built with high grade materials with a cast iron cylinder, a strong crankcase and crankshaft made of forged steel. When you maintain it properly, the unit will run for more years. The engine abides the emission rule and offers a greater compression ratio for using less fuel. The fuel tank made of steel can hold about 1 gallon of gas which will run the machine for about two hours.

About the pump

The pump is another vital part of the pressure washer. As it supplies the pressure and required flow, it has to be of good quality if you want the washer to go for a longer life. Generally, the pressure washers are fitted with three types of pumps namely wobble, axial cam and triplex. Among the three, the triplex pump is considered to be the most reliable as it offers maximum competence and life expectancy. The triplex pump is fitted with pistons that are ceramic coated and features PowerBoost technology. However, the life of the pump is based on the usage and how you handle. Against failure, you can make a replacement but it costs over $300 which forms the major portion of the washer’s cost.

Other features

  • Professionally styled spray wand
  • Five different nozzles of varying tips of 0, 15, 25 and 40 degree widths and soap applicator
  • Onboard storage facility
  • 10″ pneumatic tires
  • High pressure hose of 5/16″ by 25″
  • Siphon tube for soap application and other chemicals