Cleaning up driveways, patios, cars, fences, sidings and furniture takes lot of effort and time. Is there a better way to handle this? Yes, pressure washers help you to do all the cleaning tasks that you want to execute indoor and outdoor. Sun Joe SPX1000 may be perfect choice for you if you are looking for an electric pressure washer. This dirt fighter is ideal for residential use and well suited for light duty cleaning projects such as cleaning cars or for spot cleaning. The design is compact and suited for only less frequent cleaning tasks.

Benefits for Sun Joe SPX1000

Sun Joe SPX1000 is one of the best selling pressure washers in Amazon. It has the rating 4 stars out of 5 and has over 500 customer reviews. The model is equipped with dual detergent tank that can pierce through the dirt and grime settled over various surfaces. This unit can handle small to medium duty cleaning projects by delivering pressure up to 1450 psi. The unit is driven by 11.5 amp electric motor that draws only up to 1400 watts. It takes water in a minimal quantity at only 1.45 GPM which helps you use it even during dry seasons. The wand extends up to 33 inches that helps you reach farther areas.

Sun Joe SPX1000 features a very compact design and weighs only 11.7 pounds. The unit is fixed with wheels at the bottom that helps you move from one place to another. These two features are mostly preferred by users than heavy pressure washers available in the market. If you are bothered about safety do not worry as the machine is CSA approved. Apart, it has a trigger that is protected with Total Stop System (TSS) technology. When the trigger is not in use, the TSS automatically switches off the motor. The machine is also equipped with full two year warranty and you can expect it to perform the way you want to.

Pros of Sun Joe SPX1000

The pressure washer is efficient enough to remove the spilled over paint from wooden surfaces. You need not worry if it would damage the wood as it is not that powerful. This feature is very helpful for people who want prep their home or fence for painting. The pressure washer does the paint removing job instead of hand scraping the old paint.

The unit can clean your sidings and concrete driveways or walkways without harming the area to be cleaned. The machine performs so gently that some people us it for even washing the vegetables without the fear of them getting damaged. When it comes to cost of Sun Joe SPX1000 it is the most affordable model. The model is cheap in price and therefore expecting a professional cleaning solution is not encouraged.

Cons of Sun Joe SPX1000

The hose measures only about 21 feet which is smaller when compared to lot of other pressure washer models in the market. This does not mean that moving around might be less possible. Being lightweight it can be easily carried to places in hand. To clean areas that are really dirty, you will have to be closer to the spot in order to clean it completely. This pressure washer is only meant for light to medium cleaning and trying it on heavily soiled areas is not a good idea as you will not feel happy about it.

Final words

Sun Joe SPX1000 is designed for basic cleaning projects and mainly for residential use. If you are looking for a pressure washer that would fit well within your budget then you can go for this. When you use it for the purpose meant you can make the best out of it without any disappointment. If you want to handle heavy duty cleaning projects you may look for Sun Joe SPX3000 that delivers 2030 PSI.