If you are on the lookout for an effective electric pressure washer to handle the highly demanding cleaning tasks that are pending for a long time, you can consider Sun Joe SPX3000. The model can produce pressure up to 2030 PSI which is comparatively higher than any commercial grade electric models available in the market. Sun Joe SPX3000 model is designed to tackle heavily soiled surfaces and areas.

Features of Sun Joe SPX3000

When buying a pressure washer you will have to look into a lot of aspects that will deliver you a highly satisfactory job. It is not only the PSI that you will have to consider, see also the GPM at which the water flows to clean the dirt. If the rate of GPM is higher the rate of cleaning process will also be higher. Sun Joe SPX3000 can provide water flow at the rate of 1.76 GPM which is highly sufficient for domestic purpose. This need not be compared with the professional units that are meant for industries. The model is also easy on wallet.

The unit is driven by a single phase motor drawing 120V/14.5 amp of electricity and this is one of the most powerful electric motors you will find among the electric power washers. The power cord extends up to 35 ft with GFCI insulation that protects against risks of electric shocks. The whole unit weighs only about 31 pounds and features a compact design for convenient storing. Though the design is compact the power at which it produces pressure is very high because of the powerful motor that it houses.

The unit surprisingly cleans your heavily soiled surface with just using cold water supplied with a high pressure but without using any cleaning agent. The unit uses TSS (Total Stop System) which shuts off the pump automatically when the trigger is not in use. This greatly helps in saving power as well as the life of pump. When you open the box, you will find five quick connecting spray nozzles provided for varying cleaning jobs and spray patterns. The nozzles are measured in degrees providing different cleaning patterns. For example, the 40 degree spray nozzle is meant for mild cleaning while the 25 degrees nozzle can be used for regular cleaning. For tough cleaning tasks the 15 degree nozzles are ideal and for hard to reach areas the 0 degree nozzle is useful. These nozzles do their respective job perfectly to provide your surface a better look.

The unit is fitted with two removable detergent tanks which can be loaded with two different types of detergents. For varying the suction power the unit is fitted with a selection dial. When you feel that the surface requires an extensive cleaning to remove the heavy dirt, you can make use of this option. Apart from the different nozzles and trigger gun, a 34″ spray wand that is extendable is also provided. The wand can be fitted to the gun to reach the desired area. The box also includes a 20′ high pressure hose and garden hose for an effective cleaning. The unit is fitted with two wheels at the bottom for easy transport. The extendable power cord helps you take the unit anywhere you wish in your living space. The unit is ideal for using indoors as it does not emit smoke. Sun Joe SPX3000 enjoys 4.5 stars rating in giant online site Amazon.com.

The pros and cons of Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000 has lot of features that make working with this electric pressure washer a pleasure. Housing a powerful motor the unit is lightweight and compact in design. The package includes convenient accessories and number of cleaning options. Having the rating of 3000, Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is more than an average electric pressure washer for residential cleaning purposes. The five nozzles enables you vary the pressure according to the different surfaces and cleaning needs. The pressure levels and spray widths are provided in an increasing order which is convenient to decide and pick the desired level. The model is fitted with highly performing motor of 120V/14.5 amp that is competent enough with the present gas pressure washer models. The model has an onboard detergent reservoir and a soap selector to clean heavily soiled places. In a nutshell, the model has all the features you will have to look for a residential pressure washer.

As far as the cons are concerned there are only a few to mention but they are negligible. It provides only cold water cleaning which is not suitable for toughest stains. The connections are made of plastic which may not be durable; instead the manufacturers can think of brass fittings. The hose is just 20 ft long which is almost like an average pressure washer. If provided with a few more feet it could be useful for cleaning many surfaces around.

Considering all the above said features, Sun Joe SPX3000 serves as one of the best home cleaning pressure washers with a compact size.