Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 PSI helps you handle toughest outdoor and auto cleaning projects efficiently. It is powered by 14.5 amp/800 watts motor that is capable of generating 2030 PSI to pierce through all kinds of dirt, grease, gunk and grime. The unit is supplied with five quick connect nozzle tips that provide spraying patterns from gentle to intense jet to tackle any kind of cleaning projects. The onboard detergent tank can hold 54 fl oz. and lets you dial in only the required amount of fluid to blast away the soiled surfaces. Sun Joe SPX4000 lets you pick the required pressure to fight dirt and grime and deliver pro results. The unit features Total Stop System which extends your pump life and saves energy by switching off the pump automatically when the trigger is not in use.

General features of Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 PSI

  • The unit is driven by 14.5 amp motor that produces up to 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM to provide you with highest cleaning power
  • The wheels glide easily to provide you with highest maneuverability
  • The unit allows you to select pressure according to the cleaning needs: Choose 1450 psi to remove dirt, grime and grease on daily basis and 2030 psi to handle hardest cleaning projects.
  • The pressure washer is provided with five quick connect spray tips of varying degree 0, 15, 25, 40 and soap to handle from light to heavy duty cleaning projects.
  • The unit is equipped with (Total Stop System) that automatically closes the pump when the trigger is not in use. This saves energy as well as prolongs pump life.
  • The unit includes a wand that extends up to 20 foot high pressure hose and the power cord is protected with GFCI. It also includes a garden hose adapter a needle for cleaning.

All about assembly

Right from unboxing the Sun Joe pressure washer till about cleaning your surface, you will find everything easy to do. The assembly of Sun Joe SPX4000 requires only a screwdriver and all others can be easily connected. The other accessories are provided separately not as part of the box such as five nozzles and detergent tanks. You do not require buying any extra batteries or connectors. Sun Joe altogether provides various accessories and extensions to enhance the performance of the pressure washer.

What are the accessories you get?

Rotary scrub brush: It is helpful to clean hard spots like car wheels and garbage bin. The water pressure rotates the scrub bristles to remove the dirt and grime.

Extension hose: An extension is ideal to clean a larger surface without the necessity of moving the pressure washer machine. It is worth the money and also saves your time and effort.

Surface cleaner: This has a special design that includes two rotating nozzles positioned in a circular enclosure. This helps you clean flat surfaces with more precision and comfort. With this you will be able to clean a larger area in a less time. The enclosure controls the debris and keeps off any damage that might occur.

Extension wand: There are possibilities that you might fall off from a ladder when using pressure washers over exterior walls. Therefore a telescoping extension wand is very essential if you have to clean two storey building or anything that requires a ladder.

Gutter cleaner attachment: Gutters can be efficiently with this tool while you stand steadily on the floor. This is one of the essential accessories you must have as it eliminates the risk of using a ladder or walking over the rooftop.

Turbo nozzle: A turbo nozzle can spin a 0 degree spray at 25 degree around the straight axis to give a conical spraying pattern. This is something equivalent to jet spray but without causing any damage.

There is another Sun Joe model with specification SPX4001 2030 PSI model with a slight variation in the design but almost has the same features as that of SPX4000. SPX4001 includes a hose reel to secure your pressure hose.